STRAPACK™ Automatic Strapper, 25"W X 20"H

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StraPack’s new line of strapping machine, 
the SQ-800 with brushless DC motor.

The SQ-800 provides better efficiency without compromising the reliability of the legendary RQ-8x. 

The SQ-800 features more efficient Brushless DC motors, adjustable table height, a cycle counter and foot bar operation as key new features. The clutch, brake, V-belt and roller are gone and replaced by a simple direct drive system.  Rounded table top edges give the SQ-800 a more modern look.

The SQ-800 offers the same speed and reliability as its predecessor, the RQ-8.  Plus the SQ-800 is approx. 14% lighter than the RQ-8

Strapping Speed: Standard strapping rate is 1.1 sec = 55 straps/min, even when a tension is applied. The machine is ready to operate in less than 25 seconds, contributing to increased packaging line efficiencies.

239.5 lb

Type: Equipment